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  • Remo and Chiun passed through the crowd as if it were not there.

    Create your own thematical
    blog based social network
    in Joomla! — it's easy now!

    A convenient and efficient way
    bring your site in motion.

    Powerful IDoBlog Community Edition 2.0 will enable
    the easily configure the desired namely you solution.

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    All features in 5 minutes!

    Look at how advanced and functional can become your site

    Make test-drive

    Сhose test locally on your computer or on our demo-site


    Do not wait - act now!

    Learn the terms of distribution, license, warranty and get IDoBlog.

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    Shelby gave a murmur of sympathy as she framed his face with her hands. Such a small dowry suggests that the groom is extremely desirable in his own right, the khan remarked with a straight face.
    Felter, GSC, who just happens to be... this is supposed to be classified, but it's certainly not a well-kept secret...
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  • What do you really enjoy

    Let's start with a few features that IDoBlog CE 2.0 provides to your site:

    A free, private and automatic communities (groups)

    Profile that can be customized to your desires

    Embedded commenting system


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    Friend activity feed

    Writing, viewing, commenting distribution rights

    Friends system


    Of course, this is only the beginning of a very long list of IDoBlog CE 2.0 functionality, but not even a whole tone of opportunities that you get makes it so popular. The main point is that IDoBlog CE 2.0 - an expert on the key issues for you. It is well organizing the interaction between your users and doing all that new was formed between them. As you know, it depends on evolving your project or not.

    Olshanskaya Anna: "The first IDoBlog helped me to solve the problems of the participants, active discussion and interaction on the site. There are a number of topics to be discussed and developed. IDoBlog perfectly with the right"

    What you really need

    If you are a business coach, consultant, then you probably need a reliable tool for the job and move to the Internet. So you can close your niche for yourself, be at the heart of useful connections. In addition, a closed group of your most advanced, most sophisticated customers will not be extra.

    Being a mediator, skilled manager and leader more effective than single-pull strap, is not it?

    This is not imaginary issues and examples from nowhere. These are people who have already found not simple the answers and the solution. Right solution. We do not doubt that if you want and you will find it too.

    Long-waited for this component. And I am glad that its development has taken this  developers team. I'm watching for the development process from the earliest versions. Therefore, I can say that a component developed and developing rapidly. In this proccess was created excellent working Community, role which is difficult to overestimate. Developers receive prompt information from users, fresh ideas and feedback. And what is most important to react quickly as well.

    As a result, we received a quality product with quality support and rapid development. I easily installed the component on the site. Setting up so do not take a long time. Usability thought well so that all intuitively obvious, even without documentation. Our site is needed by blog. Users, sometimes had to be better deployed to express their thoughts. However, such posts get lost in the wilds of the forum, although there have been valuable to many visitors. Now we have the opportunity to more efficiently store and display this information. In addition, users have a choice between a moral obsolete forum
    and progressive blog.
    I wish to developers in the future successfully
    to develop IDoBlog.

    Dorovskikh Alexander,


    What will say your visitors and what they will like

    Here's what you will hear from your visitors after installing IDoBlog CE 2.0:

    Alexander: I like it!

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    Valerie: Great! Very nicely done.
    Daria: A good start! I like it. We must get involved and develop movement here.
    Alexander: Simply and with taste!

    And in response, you will not, without pleasure, we write: "I have users that already bored me. They see IDoEditor, that I have installed with IDoBlog, it so easy that site feed is now consist of: pics, cats, flowers. They saw "Upload" button and now can't stop to post new topics.

    Everything is simple. Really simple and understandable for your visitors. Therefore, they begin to move. So be ready for this and prepare your host for this.

    That visitors can leave comment to your article? Or that they could write topics and publish them? You earn on the stock exchange, or passionate about astronomy, yachting and strive to unite like-minded persons? Want to create a community, or even a thematic network dedicated to your or profession?

    All is possible with IDoBlog now.

    In fact IDoBlog CE 2.0 is a universal constructor. At its base, without much trouble, you can configure the desired solution. For example, it is perfectly suitable for creating professional and business community, the community around your product, personal or corporate blog, news, and city portal site school, fan club, the organization of support services, etc.

    Be sure to familiarize yourself with IDoBlog CE 2.0 closer! This may be a turning point for your site. Start by viewing the demonstration video. Then download a demo version for testing on your local computer or feel it on our demo.